I shouldn’t be allowed to shop online because I’ll just buy snapbacks and books.

I ordered my Captain America snapback last night. 

I just found a bunch of movie theater employee blogs and I’ve basically found my people.

I was sitting on my bed and a mosquito thing flew around and landed on me and I jumped up so fast that I actually kind of impressed myself but that was a little too much physical activity for the evening and now I really really really need sleep.


"Did you beat that game?"

"No but I watched someone on YouTube do it so I feel like I did."

I was just watching the Kingsley “If I were a Teacher” video and I started laughing right as I was drinking something and now I have Pepsi up my nose. 


Dan + ugh

Everything is annoying and I just want to sit on the ground and listen to music and read a book. 

The Avengers and Chinese food.
All is well.

It is official. 

Popcorn is my favorite food. Give me all the popcorn. 

Snapchat is so weird. It’s just like, “let me send this person pictures of my face while maintaining a conversation in one line or less.” 

I work with the creepiest dude and he’s only worked with us for a day and they seriously need to get rid of him. 

At my work, a lot of people leave for school or whatever, but our managers readily hire them back when they turn in another application.
Last year around October (?), one of the girls who I got hired with and was one of my favorite people to work with left.
Just today she came back and it was quite possibly the best moment ever.
I mean, aside from me having to train a juvenile delinquent who was thinking of smoking pot the whole time (“What is on your mind?” “Going home and smoking a bowl.”), it was a totally awesome day.

This is life.